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Hi Amy and all,

I know it's been mentioned before, but the first time you walk through
a new route hat you're going to be using a lot (whether by yourself or
with someone who knows the area), write things down. Even if they
don't seem significant at the time, write down things you come across
on the way (landmarks, texture/incline changes, etc.) as well as all
the turns you  make. You won't need the notes for long, but it'll help
you remember the directions in the short term  and get less turned
around during your initial explorations.

I used to think that I needed to get route help from a trained O&M
instructor whenever I moved to a new place. However, I've realized
that there's little an O&M instructor knows about your route that you
can't learn from a friend or acquaintance who knows where they're
going. In fact, sometimes it's harder to get good route info from an
instructor or relative who doesn't frequently visit the area you're
learning. Your best bet is to get with someone (blind or sighted)
who's familiar with the area and, preferably,  who walks the route a
lot and can tell you  about shortcuts, landmarks, etc.


On 6/14/09, Ashley  Bramlett <bookwormahb at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi Amy,
> I struggle with the same thing.  When going to a new area it takes lots of
> repetition and practice to learn my way.  As you travel look for landmarks.
> Maybe a GPS or tactile map of the area will help.  You could have a reader
> or someone make you a tactile map using graphing tape or whatever works for
> you.
> I'd say have someone show you who you feel comfortable with.
> Try family first since they're more available.  Mobility instructors have
> high caseloads and can't see you often.
> But if family doesn't work then yes go with a mobility instructor.  I found
> mobility instructors to explain things better than friends or family.
> Good luck.
> Ashley
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>> hello all,
>> well, some of you know that i moved from littleton, co to englewood, co
>> about a month ago or so and, it's been great so far but, for one thing
>> indeed! i'm having to learn new routes and find my way back and forth from
>> the bus stops and back to my place. my parents showed me when they were to
>> help us move in but, it was only one time. i thought it seemed easy but, i
>> have tried to do this successfully and, both times when i go on my own i
>> get lost!
>> it's very frustrating that a person like me who is a confident traveler
>> and a good one to have this difficulity. and, i have lived in this area
>> for over 6 years. so, here's my question what do you do when you somewhat
>> know the area but, you still don't? do you have a family teach this to you
>> or have some mobility done through a state agency like dvr? what have any
>> of you guys do when learjning a new route or area after you have moved
>> there successfully and be confident in dioing this independtally?
>> also, i have a very hard times on putting on my cane tipe since i don't
>> have strength ibn my hands so how can i put on my cane tips and replace
>> the old ones easily and independtally?
>> thanks again and i will talk to you all soon!
>> hugs,
>> from amy
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