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Beth thebluesisloose at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 23:41:55 UTC 2009

Hi, Jen.  My name is Beth Taurasi, and am currently residing in
Tallahassee for school, and I go to Florida State Univerity and am
pursuing a career as a high school choral director.  I'd like to teach
in a sighted-children's school, not a blind school, because it would
probably be like throwing all the blind people together in the box if
you know what I mean.  I like you graduated from a community college,
and have jumped on many firsts.  I am not the first blind student at
FSU thank God.  I am one of the first to study the classical theory
though.  My professors get along with me fine, and I am just fine in
the piano department.  I am not interested in studying voice because
there's a risk of getting your performance level knocked down if you
get a cold or whatever.  I've had that experience, and it's not fun.
So you're deaf/blind?  Cool.  Never met too many of them before.

On 3/5/09, Jen <jenandnixon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good day everyone:
> I just wanted to come in and say *HELLO!* and introduce myself.
> I currently reside in BC, Canada, but have been on this list for quite some
> time, just reading. I graduated college May 2008; however, I may pursue a
> continuation of my educational career at a later date, until I've moved to
> Toronto. I may be moving in a ew months if I get accepted for the apartment
> in Toronto, where services are readily more available to me, as I am
> deafblind.
> I was a high school drop-out; however, I was lucky enough to receive the
> high school equivalent diploma in college, as I gained enough credits for
> this alongside my administrative assistant certification. I am hoping to
> look into teaching as a career mostly in the post-secondary sector. I have a
> strong preference working with adults.
> My college career brought on a lot of ups and downs, in a small community
> college, that doesn't see many blind/visually impaired students, let alone a
> deafblind student pursue education there. I am the first deafblind student
> to graduate there. I urrently use JAWS 10 with a Focus 40 braille display
> (JAWS is set at a slow speed and my omputer speakers is usually on the
> highest volume), have Kurzweil, CCTV, etc. I also have a yellow lab guide,
> named Nixon, from the Oregon campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind. He's my
> second dog, my first was from a Canadian school and resides with us as a
> royally spoiled retired pet. His retirement was premature due to dog
> attacks.
> I thought I'd jump in and introduce myself *grin*, but have been reading the
> vast amount of interesting topics that passes through the list on a daily
> basis.
> Jen and Nixon
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