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Good afternoon Jim,
Now it sounds like you're putting the proverbial cart before the ox. I feel 
like you entirely misunderstood my last post. While I can understand a bit 
of your frustrations with dealing with NABS and other organizations in terms 
of seeking financial backing, I don't think this needs to be discussed quite 
yet. In order to create a convincing vantage point for your ideas, you need 
to have material and facts to present. In other words, If I'm going to give 
you a dollar, you need to convince me that you need that dollar rather than 
wanting it.
So in order to get assistance from NABS on the national level, it might be 
advantageous for you to show that a productive local effort could be 
translated in to a national outcome. All this to say once again, rather than 
continuing this disscussion on list, it would be important to discuss ideas 
of how a local effort could be started and maintained. Once discussions have 
begun, it would be important to turn words in to action.
Just my thoughts.

Best Regards:
Dave Wright
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How are we supposed to "walk the walk" when there is so much negitivity 
coming from NABS leadership regarding this issue (how it wont work)? 
Specificly, I remember one post (I don't know who sent it) that said 
something along the lines of "I don't see the harm in trying, but NABS is 
not (should not) pay for it." Why should I devote my time and energy to this 
effort when I know it will get shut down when I ask NABS for funding?

The same thing happened when I floated the idea of recording the national 
convention employment seminar. (actually, I thing it was worse. I felt 
decieved). First, several people in the NABS leadership (including Areielle 
Silverman) mentioned that they thought it was a good idea that was worthy of 
being pursued. So, I pursued the idea thinking that I had the support of 
NABS, then, when it came time for NABS to fund the idea, I get an email from 
Arielle Silverman saying something along the lines of "sorry, this isn't a 
NABS event/project, therefore NABS can't/won't fund it." I put alot of time 
and effort into pursuing that idea, just to find out that when 
push-comes-to-shove, I really did not have the support of NABS.

So, I ask you, why should I invest the time and energy into 
"walking-the-walk", when I was decieved last time, and clearly NABS has no 
interest in pursuing a joint convention?


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Good afternoon all,
While I've really enjoyed reading all of these messages about finding a way
to set aside the differences of both organizations in order to find a common
ground on the student level, I'm wondering whether or not if any of the
proponents of this idea have taken an active role of setting up a meetting
involving students of both organizations on a local level. Since I believe
that students should have a choice when it comes to advocacy, I don't mind
that there are more than one organization advocating for the rights of blind
students. I know how easy it is to talk the talk, but walking the walk and
being an active proponent for change is much harder. While the thought of
national change is perhaps an idealistic view, lets try first dealing with
local change. I know this discussion has leaked over to the ACB listServe
and believe both sides have positive feedback to offer.
Just my thoughts.

Best Regards:
Dave Wright
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