[nabs-l] difficulties with German class in the fall

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A German-speaking describer would be nice, but I don't think it's
necessary...after all, are the other students required to think in
German when watching the movie? I know that that is what is wanted to
happen eventually, but an English description of the goings-on in the
movie, reading of subtitles, etc. would be equally good, I think. Here
in Raleigh, we have a group called Arts Access of Raleigh, INc. They
are a group of live audio describers who mainly do descriptions at
plays, movies at the local museums, and the like. Do you know if you
have a group like this? If you tell me what university you attend, I
might be able to find soemthing for you...I know Arts Access will be a
great reference for me when it comes to needing someone to describe
videos for classes. This is something your school should provide as an
accommodation. Live description would be best, because the person can
describe things and ifyou don't understand, they can try to describe
better. With live description, you can also watch the video again
without description. You can also record the describer's reading to
re-play later, pausing it with the movie.

On 8/3/10, Robert Jaquiss <rjaquiss at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hello Julie:
>      I suggest you find an upper class student who has gone through this
> course to serve as a reader. Depending on the city where you are, you might
> be able to find a native German speaker who could also help you. Contact the
> NLS. They have some materials in German, and ought to be able to point you
> to where you could find more German materials. You might even try contacting
> a German consolate if your city has one. I rarely advocate putting an ad in
> a paper for a reader, but this might be a good reason to do it. Depending on
> where you are, you might find a church catering to a German speaking
> congregation such as Lutherans. Hope this helps.
> Regards,
> Robert
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>> Hi everyone.
>> My name is Julie.  I am going into my second year of college.  I am
>> currently a double major in vocal performance and German.  In the fall
>> I will be taking a German culture class about Berlin.  This class is
>> about the history and culture of Berlin.  We will be reading several
>> novels, and the professor has emailed me to tell me that visual
>> material (movies with english or German subtitles, pictures, art work,
>> and arcatecture) are going to be a big part of the class.  I'm not
>> exactly sure what kind of accomidations I should ask for in this
>> class.
>> I am an auditory learner, but movies in German classes have always
>> been difficult for me to folow.  She suggested giving me a copy of the
>> movie to watch on my own time instead of in class, but I'm not sure
>> how that would help.
>> As for the various kinds of art work and photo material, I really
>> don't know.  If we are doing something about arcatecture, I'll just
>> ask if I can read about it instead of looking at it, but beyond that,
>> Ihave no clue.  Makes me wonder how I've survived until now.  Lol!
>> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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