[nabs-l] 50/50 NFB Canes

Brice Smith brice.smith319 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 20:08:48 UTC 2010


Does anyone here have experience with or use an NFB 50/50 cane?

I've occasionally heard they're unstable and not worth the purchase,
but I don't know how reliable that information is. I'd think they'd be
more reliable than the very disappointing telescoping canes given they
only fold in two sections and they would seem like a nice compromise
between a long nonfolding model and one that folds in many small
pieces. Do they live up to expectation or should I just stick with the
regular NFB straight cane? If they're worth using, which material do
you prefer -- carbon fiber or fiberglass?

Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.

- Brice

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