[nabs-l] 50-50 cane....

Alexander Castillo alexandera.castillo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 18:34:49 UTC 2010

HI, this is what you need to know about 50-50 canes.

1.	The rubber band and cap will snap off.
2.	 If this happens, after extensive use, the two pieces of the cane
might easily slip out of each other. Be careful, as this might cause
an accident, or you might drop one half and not be able to get it
3.	 Other than the rubber band and cap, these canes are very sturdy.
If you can manage to glue the pieces on, or simply use the cane
without the elastic band, it will be very dependable, as it will not
easily snap, and it can be stored with relative ease.
4.	They are not as light as the telescoping canes, but they are
definitely lighter than aluminum canes.
5.	 They have a decent bounce to them and give back pretty useful feedback.
6.	 Again, the rubber band and cap will break.


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