[nabs-l] CAPTCHA Alternatives

Rob Blachowicz rob_blach at hotmail.com
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I do agree with you but we do need to then add to this to our resolutions to 
change policy to prod companys to include this.

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> Hello again everyone,
>    There are all ready alternatives to Visual CAPTCHAS for protecting
> sensitive information and Web resources from being hacked or spammed. It's
> called "Word verification." In word verification a user is given a very
> simple question or two to answer for example, "What is today?" The
> individual is then required to type in their answer or is presented with a
> list of possible answers to choose from. The user types in the correct
> response or chooses the right one from the list. Assuming they make the
> correct choice they are then granted access to restricted parts of a Web
> site or can submit a Web form.
>    Word verification utilities have the ability to detect whether the
> response comes from a keyboard or if it is entered by another computer, "A
> bot." Once this determination is made the legitimate user can submit their
> form or is granted restricted access privileges while the bot is denied. I
> have heard from several individuals that have encountered Web sites that 
> use
> this kind of verification instead of visual verification "CAPTCHAS." And
> best of all word verification can be used audibly or tactually and without
> the involvement of third party solvers.
> Peter Donahue
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