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Great.  You brought a solution.  Now contact Pepsi and make them implement
it.  This may come off as more of my smart-asstifity, but seriously, I think
we need to help bring about the solutions to the problems we believe exist.
If you're willing to boycott the challenge on account of a perceived
exclusion, I hope you're willing to do your part to rectify it on behalf of
the people you think are at a disadvantage.  That's what the drill sergeant
so and so would do. *Inside joke.*



"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves,
some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."--Sam Ewing 

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Hello again everyone,

    There are all ready alternatives to Visual CAPTCHAS for protecting 
sensitive information and Web resources from being hacked or 
spammed. It's 
called "Word verification." In word verification a user is given a very 
simple question or two to answer for example, "What is today?" The 
individual is then required to type in their answer or is 
presented with a 
list of possible answers to choose from. The user types in the correct 
response or chooses the right one from the list. Assuming they make the 
correct choice they are then granted access to restricted parts 
of a Web 
site or can submit a Web form.

    Word verification utilities have the ability to detect whether the 
response comes from a keyboard or if it is entered by another 
computer, "A 
bot." Once this determination is made the legitimate user can 
submit their 
form or is granted restricted access privileges while the bot 
is denied. I 
have heard from several individuals that have encountered Web 
sites that use 
this kind of verification instead of visual verification 
best of all word verification can be used audibly or tactually 
and without 
the involvement of third party solvers.

Peter Donahue 

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