[nabs-l] CAPTCHA Alternatives

Darrell Shandrow darrell.shandrow at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 03:07:31 UTC 2010


There are at least two other CAPTCHA alternatives not yet discussed.

First is a CAPTCHA slider control:


Second is a telephone-based authentication scheme:


A deaf-blind person could even use this second one with a vibrating 
phone. All she must do is pick up the phone, wait a couple of seconds 
and press the pound key to be authenticated.

There are fully accessible alternatives.

We just need to be encouraging website owners to innovate and to make 
the inclusive choice.



On 8/10/2010 8:02 PM, David Dunphy wrote:
> Give it a time. Any bot will crack that. The recaptcha system, while 
> it's a captcha, honestly works great. And it helps to digitize books 
> so we can read them online. While I appreciate this alternative to 
> captchas, I don't see it as a very effective way to deal with spam, 
> and therefore, don't see many sites adopting it all that quickly if at 
> all. A bot can be programmed to type and act like a human is entering 
> things in. Sadly, while it has its pitfalls if sites don't incorporate 
> it correctly, captcha I think has its advantages. Tools like Solona 
> and Web Visum for Firefox seem to do pretty well at handling such 
> obstacles.
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>> Hello again everyone,
>>    There are all ready alternatives to Visual CAPTCHAS for protecting
>> sensitive information and Web resources from being hacked or spammed. 
>> It's
>> called "Word verification." In word verification a user is given a very
>> simple question or two to answer for example, "What is today?" The
>> individual is then required to type in their answer or is presented 
>> with a
>> list of possible answers to choose from. The user types in the correct
>> response or chooses the right one from the list. Assuming they make the
>> correct choice they are then granted access to restricted parts of a Web
>> site or can submit a Web form.
>>    Word verification utilities have the ability to detect whether the
>> response comes from a keyboard or if it is entered by another 
>> computer, "A
>> bot." Once this determination is made the legitimate user can submit 
>> their
>> form or is granted restricted access privileges while the bot is 
>> denied. I
>> have heard from several individuals that have encountered Web sites 
>> that use
>> this kind of verification instead of visual verification "CAPTCHAS." And
>> best of all word verification can be used audibly or tactually and 
>> without
>> the involvement of third party solvers.
>> Peter Donahue
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