[nabs-l] Accessibility and Usability of the Main Facebook Site

Mary Fernandez trillian551 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 10:17:11 UTC 2010

Hello All,
I have for the majority of the time used the normal facebook site. I
recently changed to firefox and am using Jaws 9. I really find the
page not that difficult to navigate. For example, if I am putting in
my status that I'm going somewhere with someone, you just type in that
person's name and facebook will put in the link for you. To navigate
through your friends' status the page is divided into headings. With
I.e. there are short cuts using the alt key and assigned numbers to
get to your home, friends, profile, and so on. To chat with firefox
and i.e. you simply click on the chat button on the top of the page
and a list of your available friends will show at the bottom
immediately. You simply click on their name and chat away. i do like
chatting on i.e. better though. Overall, I think that facebook has
done an effort to become accessible, it's not perfect but it's
definitely not unusuable in other than the mobile site. The mobile
site is very bare and basic and so looking at hte normal site at first
might be overwhelming but I promise that if you sit down and really
familiarize yourself with it it'll become more doable. For me Jaws
never really lags on facebook, and that might actually be caused by
the browser or particular computer.
Hope that helps a little.
Mary F

On 8/12/10, Anjelina <anjelinac26 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Mika:
> I have had more success with the mobile site also, and was wondering how to
> link friends names and places in status updates using JAWS. I used to rely
> on the text message option but now when replying to a text a message is sent
> to the users inbox rather than commenting on the status.
> I've found the iPhone facebook app crashes a lot so I primarily use
> TwitBook.
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> Subject: [nabs-l] Accessibility and Usability of the Main Facebook Site
>> Hi,
>> I have been using Facebook through the mobile interface:
>> http://m.facebook.com
>> about 95% of the time, but, I am finding certain functions cannot be
>> done in that stripped down interface.
>> I'm just wondering what experiences people have had with the main site?
>> As an example, I'd like to be able to update my status, and in the
>> same status message, include an external link and other peoples
>> Facebook profile.
>> There is now a feature, similar in concept to Twitter at replies,
>> where you can essentially refer to another persons Facebook profile in
>> your own status update or post.
>> So Jaws might read something like:
>> "I'm going to the
>> link Boston Common
>> with
>> link Jane Smith"
>> I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten this to work.  On the pc right
>> here I have Firefox and IE6, but maybe it works better with IE8?  Also
>> latest Jas version, and access to a Mac.
>> There are also serious accessibility flaws with the Facebook iPhone
>> app that have been confirmed by others.  Although, certain things do
>> work such as the chat to some extent.
>> The lack of Facebook accessibility should become a higher priority,
>> but I just want to get some other experiences before further bringing
>> this up with in our leadership.
>> Best,
>> Mika Pyyhkala
>> MA state President & national board member
>> http://twitter.com/pyyhkala
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