[nabs-l] update on dog training career. need help!

Joe Orozco jsorozco at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 01:49:08 UTC 2010


I don't know that I completely agree with finding another school that might
be more welcoming and allowing actions to speak for themselves.  It's a good
thought if only because it will move along Valerie's career, but not
fighting it simply because a victory might expose her to an awkward
environment afterward is not good enough to let it go.  A few years ago I
sued a Chinese bus carrier after they gave me a hard time about my guide dog
on what became three consecutive occasions.  On the first two occasions the
situation became a nuisance involving the police.  I fought it and
successfully took my trips to and from New York from DC, but the traveling
consisted of a lot of dirty looks and hateful muttering.  On the third
attempt I was not even allowed to board the bus, but by then the case was
already well on its way to federal court.  My point is that the current
school will not learn from Valerie going away.  Finding another school while
still pursuing action with the current campus is one option, but I hope
something will become of this situation.  I do not know Valerie personally.
I assume she meets all the other qualifications associated with enrollment
and that the only reason enrollment is being denied is that she cannot see.
If so, it's an issue that needs to be rectified if for no other reason than
that the opportunity needs to exist for future blind applicants.  I don't
know if my friendly little bus people would allow people to board their
buses with service animals these days, but I know they'll at least think
twice before saying "no."



"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves,
some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."--Sam Ewing 

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