[nabs-l] Use of Digital Voice Recorders in the Classroom

Katie Wang bunnykatie6 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 14:20:58 UTC 2010

Hi, Tina,
  I use an Olympus digital recorder, and it has worked very well for
me, but I have also heard lots of good things about the Victor Reader
Stream as a recording device. Because I'm more of a tactile rather
than auditory learner, I personally find it most beneficial to use my
voice recorder in combination with my braille note-taker. I try to
write down as much as possible during lecture and would refer to the
recording later for anything I'm not clear about.  While I recorded
most of my courses when I first started college, I soon found that my
braille notes are sufficient in most situations, and I did not have
the extra time to go back and listen to all of my recorded lectures,
so I  began to record only those courses in which I found note-taking
more difficult (foreign language classes or classes of a more visual
nature). Many of my professors also made their PowerPoint lecture
slides available for download after class, which served as a useful
study tool for me as well.
 I would encourage you to bring both of your recorder and braille
note-taker/laptop to class and figure out what works best for you. A
lot of this depends on your personal learning style and I'm sure you
will discover the note-taking solution that is most efficient for you
soon. good luck with the start of the semester!

On 8/21/10, Joe Orozco <jsorozco at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Ask the professor for their permission just as a general courtesy.
> 2. Make sure the recording device will not be close enough to your notetaker
> to pick up the clatter of your typing unless the keyboard on the notetaker
> is quiet.  For this reason I would not use the same device to take notes and
> record unless you are using a Braille Sense, which I dare say is most quiet
> of all the notetakers for the blind out there.
> 3. Make use of indicator tones, if available, to segment the recording to
> keep track of changing topics.
> 4. If you are recording, only jot down key points.  Later you can fill in
> the gaps, but allow yourself to fully concentrate and absorb what's being
> discussed.  It sounds like an elementary point, but I know people, namely
> myself, who try to pull off a stenographic record.
> I use an Olympus digital recorder, small and excellent sound quality for
> lecture and conference environments.
> Joe
> "Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves,
> some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."--Sam Ewing
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> I know that there has been a great deal of discussion on this
> list in the past about the use of recording media in the
> classroom to record lectures. I also am aware that some people
> use either a laptop, Braille note taker, or slate and stylus to
> do notes. I, for one will not hire a live note taker, because
> to me, it just doesn't seem right.
> Anyway, I'd be interested in your thoughts about the use of
> digital voice recorder units during the lectures. If you've
> used them, what have you done to get the most out of the
> lectures? Do you think it's a good idea to use this tool alone
> or in combination with another note taking tool?
> Also, I have access to more than one unit with recording
> abilities: the Victor Reader Stream, the Book Port Plus, and
> the Book Sense. I also have a commercial voice recorder from
> Sony, but since the others are able to record mp3 files
> directly, I don't see the need to use that one unless I have no
> other option.
> Which units have others found works best in the lecture
> setting? Also, if anyone out there has other thoughts on how to
> use these tools effectively, I'm all ears. Thanks.
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