[nabs-l] AIM 7 and JAWS 10

Katie Wang bunnykatie6 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 23:58:35 UTC 2010

Hi, all,
  Have any of you tried using the latest version of AIM (7.2, I
believe) with JAWS 10? Are the basic features accessible and do the
keyboard commands work properly? I'm currently running AIM 6.9 and it
works very well, but I'm interested in checking out some of the new
features of AIM 7, such as the ability to chat with my Facebook
friends. Also, my current version of AIM is sometimes unreliable about
showing my friends' status accurately, which happened to me before
when I was running an out-of-date version of AIM. I know AIM 7 is
supposed to work with JAWS 11, and according to the Freedom Scientific
website, i will need to download some sort of script to make JAWS 10
work with it, but i'm wondering whether this is really the case. Any
experiences would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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