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Good points Joe. Now what is MS project used for?
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> Dennis,
> The NFB is not opposed to manufacturers making things accessible to us. 
> I'm
> not challenging you, but where did you get that perception?  I think it'd 
> be
> worth us exploring the literature for possible confusion or slapping the
> person upside the head for misleading you.  I think the fact that the NFB
> has gone after airlines, universities and test agencies is indicative of a
> group that is trying to make more products accessible to us all.
> Robert,
> No one is rejecting the notion that we're all different in our capacities 
> as
> blind individuals.  Yet, you have to recognize that it's far easier for us
> to, like Nicole pointed out, assume that something is impossible than it 
> is
> for us to give it an extra push to understand the concepts of how 
> something
> works and potentially learn it.  We can't have it both ways in expecting
> employers to see us as equal to our sighted fellow applicants but advance
> the caveat that there are some things that we're not prepared to make an
> effort at learning.  Does this mean we idiotically go out and do things 
> just
> to prove a point?  Perhaps there are some people who do this, but most of 
> us
> would rather emphasize our efficiency.
> At one of my jobs I had a supervisor who once handed me a stack of checks
> and asked me to enter their numbers into our system.  This would have
> involved me sitting there and scanning each individual check with 
> potential
> glitches in OCR.  Could I have done it?  Yes, but it would have taken her
> less than half the time to get the job done.  I traded her tasks, and we
> achieved the overall assignment with less fuss.
> But, people have to be willing to make an effort.  I think those of us 
> with
> experience with MS Project have all agreed it is largely inaccessible. 
> Yet,
> who are we to know that maybe Josh won't be the guy who will have a bright
> idea and find a solution to it?  Maybe he will find someone who will make
> scripts available to make the non-graphical representations at least more
> accessible to us.
> Anyway, just my twenty dollar's worth.
> Joe
> "Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves,
> some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."--Sam Ewing
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