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What are your thoughts on this post to the BrailleNote user list 
about HumanWare's Keysoft software? By the way, here is some 
translation of the acronyms that appear in this email: BTW: by 
the way, BN: BrailleNote.


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Subject: [Braillenote] Yes, But ...
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It's all very well harping on about how great braille notetakers 
are because they do braille, and I agree emphatically, but what 
about the very real problem that they are crippled by their 
software suites?

Honestly, HumanWare are going down the same path as Freedom 
Scientific, only they're doing it with reasonably decent 

BTW, the Apex is with me here in my laptop case, but the laptop 
(MacBook Air 11 inch) is getting all the use.  Even Frotz works 
well enough that I can avoid the Games application on the BN.  
The only thing the BN is good for now is the dictionary and text 
editor.  It has, as I predicted, no media files to play and no 
Internet connection, but I've loaded up an SD card with documents 
and games, so maybe when I'm travelling a bit lighter.


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