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2011 NFB Writing Contest

The annual youth and adult writing contests sponsored by the Writers'
Division of the NFB, opened January 1st and will close April 1st.

Adult contests, poetry, fiction and non-fiction, are open to all
entrants eighteen years and over.

The youth contests are to promote Braille literacy and all poetry and
fiction entries are required to be submitted in Braille. The age
groups are divided into three categories: first through sixth grades,
seventh and eighth grades, and ninth through twelfth grades.

Prizes for contest winners range up to $100 for adult categories and
up to $25 for youth categories.

All contest winners will be announced at the Writers' Division
business meeting during the NFB national convention to be held in
Orlando, Florida, the first week of July, 2011. In addition, shortly
after convention, a list of winners will appear on the Writers'
Division Website,
First, second, and third place winners in each category may be
published in the Writers' Division magazine, "Slate & Style."

For additional contest details and submission guidelines, go to the
Writers' Division Website,

President NFB Writers' Division
Robert Leslie Newman
Email- newmanrl at cox.net
Division Website

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