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I know he's talking about the Apex, with Keysoft 9.1 and Keysoft 
9.2, but I'll check with him.


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Hello, this is so interesting! Which keysoft version is this 
talking about,
and which model?

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Sent from my BrailleNote Apex

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Hi folks, particularly Nemeth users,
I'm happy to report yet another "hack" for writing math: Nemeth 
indirectly supported.  Here's the scenario:
Under Block Commands Menu, there is oan option called "grade."
This allows you to change the selected text's grade 
representation.  For
instance, if you type in a braille document and you typed an 
address of a
site without changing grades, you can select the URL and change 
it to
computer braille (although the resulting text would be in all 
caps).  While
I was going through availible grades, I was surprised to find 
Nemeth option.
Using this option, not only you can change some text to Nemeth, 
but continue
to write your document in Nemeth code.
To perform this hack:
1.  Open any braille document (KeyWord braille or plain brf).
2.  At the place where you wish to start typing in Nemeth, 
perform the
following command sequence: ENTER (new line), SPACE with B (Block 
SPACE with DOTS 1-4 (mark schtence), G (grade of block), N 
KeySoft says, "Nemeth" with the format indicator of dollar sign, 
g m.
Now type whatever Nemeth code you need, then when done, press 
ENTER then
press BACKSPACE with grade command (A for uncontracted, B for 
contracted or
C for computer braille) to switch back to current grade.  When 
you read this
with speech, you'll notice that Nemeth symbols are announced 
I guess the only suggestion I'd like to see is: would it be 
possible to
include Nemeth as one of the grade of braille for keyboard entry 
so we can
have an indirect shortcut without having to go through the above 
Hope this is useful.

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