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The cha cha is latton ballroom

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If I make it to a national convention, it would be cool to see how you

Where do you dance performing this swing, hip-hop, and latin dancing?
Do you go to formal parties or clubs? I think some night clubs have dance
floors and that type of dance is more a hip-hop thing.
I've heard from many people that those are easier to pick up. Ballet
is one of the harder dance forms; takes more precision, control and balance.
Even if you were sighted growing up, I don't know how you found time to
learn and practice all these activities!
It takes practice to get things right. But it sounds like you were a very
well rounded child. I only took private piano lessons as a kid.
I remember homework taking up so much time that I did not have much other
free time. I was listening and reading books in braille and it took longer
to study and do assignments. I could not skim for any answers in the text,
nor can I now, but we don't have to answer questions after reading a chapter

Anyway, did you also learn salsa?
Are the rumba and waltz latin dances? What is  the cha cha considered?

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I danced for almost 20 years. When I was four, when I started, I was a
little elf in a local performance of The Nutcracker, and ever since,
I've had a life-long love affair with the stage! Smile. My mom was also
a dancer and owned her own studio. She recently opened another dance
studio after years of not dancing. My feet never bled from ballet
pointe, though I would experience aches and pains after dancing for
hours. Since I'm diabetic, I took extra care of my feet. I also was on
my high school dance team, but senior year decided to do cheerleading
and I ended up a captain for the cheerleading squad. I no longer take
formal dance classes since I've not found being blind condusive to
certain dances especially ballet, at least in terms of how I use to
dance. When turning and such, it becomes disorientating and my balance
isn't always great, which does not lead to expert conditions for ballet.
I do still dance for fun, and while swing, hip-hop, latin dancing still
have a very technical aspect, they are fun and can be easier to pick up.

Bridgit Kuenning-Pollpeter
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Yes any dance form to truly be performance ready takes many years and
dedacation, but any dance class would be helpful.  I took several
dance classes for many years and was on my HI school and college dance
so I agree with what you are saying.  However there are shorter classes
designed to give the basics in lattin ballroom, swing,  treditional ball

room, and hip hop.  The Y offers such classes as well as  community
colleges.  It will not make anyone a professional but it will deffenatly

help.  Zoomba classes are also offered at many gyms and will be just as
helpful as well as give anyone who does it a rockin body.  You are so
about the acting classes and I never thought of moddaling classes.  I
it is awesome you did ballet that was one thing I never had the disaplin

for.  I didn't like the idea of my feet bleeding.  It is so beautiful
though.  I took the easy way on that front and did moddern.  My favorite
lattin ballroom though because I like the rhythms and how sexy it feels
looks.  I allso really loved swing because it is so fun and hi energy
even if you mess up you cant help but smile.  Also it is much simpaler
cover a mistake in swing.  How long did you dance for?

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