[nabs-l] Using Blackboard with JAWS

Greg Aikens gpaikens at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 15:56:44 UTC 2014

Hi Helga,
I have been successful using blackboard for grad school and now for
work.  A few blackboard tips I have found to be helpful:
Use the letter M to move by frame to skip the navigation frame and get
to the content.
If you are looking for a button use letter B to jump to the next one.
If you are looking for a form field, use the letter F, etc.
Sometimes it makes more sense to jump to the bottom of a webpage and
work your way back up, especially if you are jumping by headings on

Use Insert+F1 twice quickly to pull up the JAWS help menu while in
Internet Explorer and look through all the JAWS commands used to
navigate a web page.  The ones you listed are good ones, but there are
many more that might make your life easier.  You might also look for
general JAWS tutorials for the internet.

Hope this helps.  Best of luck.

On 1/7/14, helga.schreiber26 at gmail.com <helga.schreiber26 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys, this is Helga. How are you? I just wanted to ask you, do any of you
> here are using or used Blackboard with JAWS for school before? I’m actually
> struggling with Blackboard with JAWS right now because I really don’t know
> how to go around the page, since is actually my first time using it for my
> classes. I actually used H for headdings, N for next element, and Insert F7
> for links. But I just wanted to ask you, are these the only commands that
> are use to navigate a web page, specifically a Blackboard page, or are
> another commands that I’m missing that I really don’t know about?In fact, I
> also know how to use place markers. I just wanted to ask you, do you guys
> use place markers to navigate a Blackboard page? Just curious. The reason
> I’m asking is because in the Blackboard page are some links that I’m not
> able to read with JAWS, but one of my sighted family members can see, and I
> actually don’t know how to get to those buttons, and links. For example, two
> of the buttons are the submit button, and start button, and etc. Do you guys
> know how to submit, begin, and attach an assignment in Blackboard? I’m
> enrolled in a free Blackboard class online, which is suppose to teach you
> how to use Blackboard, but the problem is that this class is actually for
> sighted students who are starting to use Blackboard for the first time, but
> it is not for a visually impaired students, who are learning how to use
> Blackboard with JAWS for the first time. And the reason is not for Blind
> students is because it always tells you to click on the link, or click on
> the submit button, etc, and actually one of my family member is helping me
> with this class. Also, I just wanted to ask you, do you guys know of any
> websites that have  a class in how to use Blackboard with JAWS for blind
> students who are learning Blackboard for the first time? Just curious! And
> also How do you manage to go around links, and assignments that your
> Professor send you that are not accesseble with JAWS in Blackboard, like
> pictures and PDF documets? just wondering as well. I actually need to learn
> how how to use Blackboard very well, due to the fact that I’m taking
> Introduction of American Government, and Concepts of Biology this semester,
> which are actually Hybrid classes that include a lot of assignments in
> Blackboard. Sorry for asking yu all these questions! I will really
> appreciate it a lot, if you could help me and give me some suggestions
> regarding this. Thanks so much for listening to me, and God bless!!

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