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Sun Jan 19 08:57:16 UTC 2014

Hi Kelsey:

I attend West Virginia University, which is a large university.
I don't have much info for you, but here is what I do know.
I have a friend named Jennifer whose best friend currently attends Kent State.
When this person (the one who attends Kent State) first moved in, she
told Jennifer and I that she saw a blind girl using a cane. She didn't
know the girl's name, or anything about her, but she said the girl was
blind and was using a cane and the girl was leaving the dorm and
heading out.
So, I do know that at least one blind person is currently attending Kent State.
Also, you may want to check with the president of the Ohio Association
of Blind Students and see if he/she knows of anyone currently
attending Kent State.
Hope this info helps.

On 1/18/14, NMPBRAT at aol.com <NMPBRAT at aol.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I sent this message once (below)....but I'm not sure that it went
> through....so I am trying again.  My apologies if you receive this  twice.
> Nicole
> ------------------
> Kelsey,
> Although I am not totally blind, I am legally blind and I obtained my
> Bachelors in Special Education from Kent State University (main campus).  I
> spent all four years there and overall had a great experience there.  I
> also
> looked at other colleges like Bowling Green, Akron U., OSU, etc.  I  found
> Kent State's campus to be one of the easiest to navigate.  I felt  their
> Disability Services (at least at the time when I was there) was  excellent.
> I
> felt that most of my professors were accommodating and  helpful (you're
> always
> going to have at least one bad apple in the  bunch).  I also liked their
> transportation around campus.
> So, I would give them a high overall rating and say that my  experiences
> there were very positive.
> Please feel free to email me off-list with any other questions you may
> have.
> Nicole Poston
> In a message dated 1/17/2014 5:54:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> piano.girl0299 at gmail.com writes:
> Hello,
> I just obtained my degree, but it was not in the field I
> ooiginally considered.  I originally considered either speech
> therapy or education.  I started my college courses at a satelite
> location of the University of Akron and tranferred to a smaller
> school  because my parents and I agreed that they did not want me
> living in  downtown Akron.  Therefore, in a few years once I have
> gotten a  decent job and am able to afford it, I think I would
> like to go baca to  school and persue one of the fields mentioned
> earlier.   Unfortunately, I have discovered that private schools
> are so much more  expensive than state schools.  Plus, the speech
> therapy program is  only offered at the larger state schools, so I
> have no choice but to go  there.  Therefore, I am trying to see if
> I can talk to a blind  student who has gone to a larger college
> and get their opinions.  The  college where I obtained my
> bachelor's degree from had a total student  population of 2,000,
> smaller than my high school.  Has anyone ever  attended or know
> someone who has attended any of the following schools:  University
> of Akron, Bowling Green State University, Edinboro University  of
> Pennsylvania, or Kent State University.  All these schools have
> my program and are all public universities, so tuition would be
> cheaper.  I did consider Akron and bg and visited both campuses a
> while back, but I did not get a chance to tour the bg campus in
> its  entirety.  All I can remember is that the campus wasn't too
> bad.  If you have or know someone who attended these schools,
> what did they think of it? Was the campus accessible to a blind
> person? Were professors helpful? Please feel free to write me
> offlist  and share your experiences.
> Thanks,
> Kelsey  Nicolay
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