[nabs-l] Paying to be denied in the college classroom

Bridget Walker bridgetawalker13 at aol.com
Wed Jan 14 16:41:09 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
The previous thread made me really think about some of the major problems we face in the college classroom. I'm sure many of us agree if we have support from the professor, technology, accessible materials, and peers we can get through anything. 
I considered the idea of a professor saying do not show up to class because the topic is visual or their way of saying I don't want to deal with you today. Not only is this against the law but, let's identify who pays for the education now. It isn't your professor.
We have professors who try and dictate what courses we are able to access and they have no right. If you need a math class to graduate guess what, you take it. By law they provide reasonable accommodations you provide in writing. 
I think this is a widespread problem that needs to be fixed for all students with disabilities because it's not just people who are blind.
I'm sure tired of being told I do not belong in a class because I can not see. Yet, somehow at the end of the semester I get an A.
I'm tired of having to prove myself to some adjunct who isn't even a doctor in their field and even then it doesn't make it ok. 
I realize at one time people with disabilities did not go to school let alone college. Guess what, things have drastically changed and people need to get over it. I love those of you who are biology majors out there. That was my dream. My college would not let me major in biology because I was blind. I wanted nothing more then to teach high school biology. I had to settle for english after getting an A in intro physiology. 
I'm am lucky I have financial support but, when a professor tell me not to go to a class or I can't take a class because I'm blind, where is my money going. Where is the money that supports me going? 
Sorry this is a bit emotional. I just know the whole college experience needs to be improved. 
These are just my thoughts. 

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