[nabs-l] Getting Feedback on Graded Work

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Hello Vejas,

In most of my classes, the professors generally go over the answers to quizzes and exams either right after a pop quiz or the next class period after the exam. Although I generally cannot recall all of my answers on longer exams, I feel as though this provides me with a general sense of how well I did on an exam.

I will usually ask either the professor or another student to tell me my score on an exam when it is handed back to me in class. If I want to know more about how I did on an exam, I will meet with my professor during office hours to go over the exam with me.

You can also meet with a professor during office hours to go over the comments regarding any other assignment for a class as well. I am not quite sure what online platform your school uses, but I know there is a comment section in the Desire 2 Learn platform where professors can leave general comments regarding assignments that are handed in online. I do not know how well this works on mobile devices, but I was able to read the comments section just fine using my computer.

If you are working with a tutor or a study group for any of your classes, you can always ask your tutor or study group partner to go over comments and feedback with you as well if you are not able to make use of the professor's office hours. However, I have found that making use of the professor's office hours to be a good way to build a more personal relationship with the professor and receive more personal feedback in terms of what the professor is looking for in future assignments for the class.

I think it is great that you are asking so many questions here on the email list. However, I am sure the skills and confidence you obtained while attending the Louisiana Center for the Blind will help you find what works best for you as you begin your college experience this fall.

Warm regards,

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Hi All,
I was wondering what you students do when you receive graded work back with comments.  The sighted students obviously have immediate access to the printed comments, but we don't.
Do you ask the teacher to read them quietly, ask an aide? Any other strategies?

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