[nabs-l] Organic chemistry

annajee82 at gmail.com annajee82 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 20:37:15 UTC 2016

Has anyone taken organic chemistry?  I am in first semester organic chemistry this fall and I was thinking I could use a model kit since there are a lot of structures to be described or drawn.  But after talking  to my professor and looking over some of the practice exams, I, and my professor, feel like it would take too long to build all the structures for am exam or quiz or for someone to do that in class while he's drawing on the board.  So while I plan to use a model kit in tutoring or my own studies, I am not sure it's practical for in class or times assignments like quizzes.  
So my other thought was to use a tactile drawing board.  But then my question is do you think that would be big enough to draw a complex structure and still be able to feel and distinguish all the little details within the structure. That is my concern with this method because of course visually looking at a drawing is quite different than feeling it.  
If anyone has any experience or thoughts about this, I would love to hear.  


Anna E Givens

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