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>From: "Neal Kuniansky" <neal at duxsys.com>
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>Subject: [duxnews] DBT WIN version 12.1 now available!
>Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 11:34:50 -0400
>DBT WIN version 12.1 now released!
>This latest Windows release will enable users of DBT MAC 12.1 & DBT 
>WIN 12.1 to exchange DBT files.
>Those who purchased their DBT WIN, or purchased an upgrade, in 2015 
>& 2016 will be able to upgrade for free.
>You can just open your DBT WIN
>Go to HELP>CECK FOR UPDATES and it will let you know if you are 
>eligible for a free update and the cost if you are not.
>Neal Kuniansky
><mailto:orders at duxsys.com>orders at duxsys.com
>What's new in DBT 12.1
>Duxbury Systems continually revises DBT with fixes and new features.
>For information newer than posted here in the Help, please use 
>"Check for Updates," or our Website.
>Primary Areas of Improvement
>    * DBT code and translation tables, including UEB, updated to release 12.1
>    * DXP and DXB files now compatible with DBT for Mac version 12.1 
> and vice versa
>    * The Basic DBT Templates have been streamlined
>    * Support for new embossers, and embosser fixes
>    * Math Improvements
>    * 62 step UEB Mangold Method learning series now included in 
> Learning tables.
>    * Numerous structural changes to fix issues with language 
> switching and the translated line display in DBT
>    * Language Improvements including
>DBT Templates Streamlined
>    * Historical DBT styles that no longer have effect have been removed
>    * Each Basic Template now has ten DBT styles that use language switching:
>        * Biblical_lang (Biblical original language studies)
>        * English_UEB1 (UEB grade 1)
>        * English_UEB2 (UEB grade 2)
>        * English_UK_old (British pre-UEB)
>        * French
>        * German
>        * IPA
>        * Italian
>        * Russian
>        * Spanish
>    * Italic, bold, and underline styles are now included in every 
> basic language template
>    * Improved Russian formatting using new Word style mapping file rus.mws
>    * Better Australian formatting using new Word style mapping file 
> aussie.mws for UEB braille.
>    * New Embossers supported:
>        * ViewPlus Columbia
>        * Enabling Juliet 120
>        * Enabling Romeo 60
>        * Index V5 embossers
>    * Embosser changes:
>        * Nippon Telesoft Gemini Super2 has been renamed as the 
> Nippon Telesoft DOG-Pro
>        * Nippon Telesoft DOG-Pro carriage width calculations are 
> more accurate
>        * TactileView graphics support in DBT improved.
>Numerous changes to improve math functionality. Here are the highlights:
>    * Many more unusual mathematics characters are now handled
>    * Spacing and control of spacing around function names in UEB 
> and French math has been improved
>    * Better importing of aligned structures
>    * Better handling of the Unicode minus sign
>    * Nemeth translation has been updated to use dot 6 for the comma 
> when outside of "technical notation" but still in "Nemeth mode." 
> This means that in the English (UEB) - BANA with Nemeth template, a 
> comma in the style math-TextInMath is brailled as dot 6, rather 
> than dots 456,2 following Nemeth rules.
>JAWS Developments
>Helpful additions in the JAWS script files for DBT, including:
>    * A better way for JAWS to announce style markup; it now says 
> "begin style" and "end style"
>    * Editing in print and braille documents with JAWS is now snappier
>    * When moving by word in a braille document, JAWS no longer 
> speaks the word as braille dots if you are also using a braille device
>    * When you press Control+H for highlighting in DBT, JAWS keeps 
> better track of when the highlighting is turned off
>    * The script supports the use of a DBT-specific voice profile, 
> with return to the default voice profile on leaving DBT
>    * When arrowing left or right in a braille document in coded 
> view with high contrast on, JAWS no longer says "space" for every character
>    * Pressing Delete or Control-X now turns off the highlighting 
> for a highlighted section
>    * In coded view, you can now navigate onto a left brace character ("{").
>UEB Updates
>    * Improved auto-hyphenation, including grouping of braille 
> numbers of 16 cells or less
>    * Symbols that are not hyphens nor dashes, but contain dots 36, 
> are no longer allowed as potential line break points.
>    * The translation of certain unusual names has been fixed.
>    * The translation of mixed alpha-numerics, such as AA.12, has 
> been adjusted to be easier to read in braille.
>    * Mid-line ellipsis (U+22EF), a double or triple dot over a 
> variable name, and other uncommon math symbols, are now treated correctly
>    * The Latin letter schwa (U+0259) and primary and secondary 
> stress symbols, when entered as U+02C8 and U+02CC respectively, are 
> now supported
>    * Braille-to-print support for Old/Middle English letters (yogh, 
> thorn, eth and wynn)
>    * Plus many other changes to improve the production of UEB braille.
>Restored Functionality
>    * Restoration of the francais.mws Word style map file
>    * Repair of the Hindi file importer.
>Misc Features
>    * Improved read only text controls and their acceptance of keyboard focus
>    * Improved identification and differentiation of single and 
> double quotes.
>Language Improvements
>original language studies: now supports a braille-to-print 
>translator that allows a user to write a document purely in braille 
>and then generate a Word file in multiple scripts.
>Catalan: Fixed percent sign and capitalization issues.
>Czech: Fixed 10 punctuation characters.
>Many fixes for UEB English.
>Hungarian: Supports the new fully contracted 2014 Hungarian rules 
>(both print-to-braille and braille-to-print).
>Japanese: Fixed ryu, and a few other items.
>Korean: Fixes to improve both print-to-braille and braille-to-print 
>Spanish: added a Puerto Rico variation for some punctuation.
>Spanish: back translation can produce a number sign (#) with the 
>"forcer" of dots 3456, 13. Additional "forcer" sequences are: dots 
>45, 56, 26, which produces inverted question mark; dots 45, 45, 26 
>produces upright question mark; dots 45, 56, 235 produces inverted 
>exclamation mark; and dots 45, 45, 235 produces upright exclamation 
>mark regardless of context.
>Neal Kuniansky
><mailto:orders at duxsys.com>orders at duxsys.com
>+1 978-692-3000
>Duxbury Systems, Inc.
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