[nabs-l] Problem with emails on my BrailleNote Apex

Sami Osborne ligne14 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 22 18:43:46 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm having a rather major issue with receiving my emails on my 
Apex.  I've been out of town for about three weeks and had very 
limited access to the internet.  As a result, when I came back 
home the other day, I had about 210 emails waiting for me to 
download.  When I try to do this, it does so successfully at 
first, but then When I get to about the 80 to 100 mark, I start 
getting a message: "error receiving email: error 10054" (or maybe 
just 1054, I can't remember exactly.  When I press Space with H 
to get help, the only commands listed are: to retry, press R and 
to exit, press space with E.  When I retry with R, the Apex 
doesn't do anything and just keeps showing the same error 
message, and when I exit, it just stops downloading, without it 
even asking me if I want to continue downloading or hanging up 
immediately.  What do you guys suggest I do to solve this 
problem? By the way, just in case you're wondering, I'll still be 
able to read your replies, using my iPhone.

Also, when replying, I'm kindly asking all of you to please not 
say that I should give up my Apex.  I already know that there are 
better products out there, but the problem is that I'll be 
starting college in two weeks, so I therefore don't have enough 
time to request a new notetaker from my state's rehab agency.  I 
may get one next year or the year after, but at this point, I can 
only use my Apex right now.

I hope you guys can assist me in this problem and that you have 
suggestions on what I can do to solve it before I call 
Humanware's Technical Support team.

Thanks and, for those who have already started moving into 
college, I hope you enjoy the start to your semester.

Thanks again,


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