[nabs-l] Learning jaws resources?

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There are a number of great resources for learning JAWS. 

Freedom Scientific does offer paid training bundles, but these can be quite pricy. They can be purchased from the Independence Market, or from Freedom themselves. It's a pretty complete, getting up and started from scratch package if that is what you need, or want. They are in audio Daisy format.

There are also a number of low cost/no cost options that I would start with, to see if they get you where you need to be. 

1. The help menu is a wealth of resources. Along with access to the software's manual, which is quite complete, it also contains a option for "Training"." The training option will take you into the FS Reader Daisy player, where you can review and get acces to a number of Audio/Text daisy training materials. You can also visit the online training resources in the help menu to go through the interactive web usage tutorial (surf's Up), and access information about Freedom's webinar, some of which are free, and others have some cost. 

In Jaws itself, to access the help menu, you can use the JAWS modifier and J to open the menus, and navigate to help, like you would with any other application. You can also use your JAWS key and the number one above the Q to turn on Keyboard help mode, (press that combo again to turn it off, and insert or capslock (Jaws modifiers) plus space, followed by J will let you into a neat dialog where you  an type keywords about what you want to do, and get context sensitive help. 

Hope that helps.

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Dear everyone,
Do you know of resources for learning jaws my duel computer with mac and jaws is running windows on part of the hard drive and I never used jaws only voiceover.
Thank you,

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