[nabs-l] Is This a Typical Request for Disability Services?

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Like most on this list I had an ONM person help me before classes started,
then I would ask whoever was near for directions when I became lost.
However, after getting lost going to the same building almost every time   I
asked DSS and we set up a time with the admission office to have one of
their tour guides to take me around one more time I am not say that I never
got lost again but it helped with the repetitiveness I need for travel. 

One other thing that my college has done for me and one other student on our
small campus is to hang wind chimes by the doors on campus. At first I
thought this would get confusing with all the wind chimes, but we worked
together chose different sounds (there are surprisingly a lot of sound types
including wood chimes). It has made a huge difference for me to have this
sound cue and almost all the students love it. I have heard that the chimes
make many students smile. This was a very inexpensive solution to me having
difficulty with one specific building on campus and your campus would need
to have wind most days for this to work. 

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Hi All,
I start college next month, and have been trying to get everything ready,
which includes meetings with Disability Services and the normal due-dates.
(I never would have thought that there would be so many due-dates between
college acceptance and the start of school-lesson learned there!"
Although I have been getting to know my disability services, I have only
just today received an accmmodations letter.
One accommodation that I requested from them is to have someone walk with me
to each of my classes for the first month or so, while I am still learning
the layout of the campus.  Travel is one of these aspects for me that I just
need to have constant repetition for, and although I will be working with
someone authorized by the Department of Rehab, this process is still
happening and I feel that knowing myself and my travel skills, I need this.
DSS seems unsure if this is possible, but is willing to discuss the matter
further.  I don't know if their hesitation has anything to do with the fact
that I have 5 classes at 5 completely different times, although I think it
would be more of a matter of me communicating with these students via text
to arrange times.
I have a meeting with them in two weeks, but was just wondering if you have
had any similar issues with them and how you have dealt with them.

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