[nabs-l] my laptop suddenly has a password

petras zumbagecko at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 22:55:45 UTC 2016

I have one adman account that has no password, and the built-in 
adman account that doesn't have a password.  Awhile ago, I put my 
computer to sleep.  I woke it up and it is now the adman account 
that I primarily use asks for a password that I never set.  I 
typed in some random password in the box and I got "The password 
is incorrect, try again," I clicked ok and it goes back to this 
loop.  I went into the built-in adman account and I have no 
problems getting in.  I went to search box and I typed netplwiz.  
I clicked enter.  I selected my primary user account from the 
adman console and it was checked saying "Users must enter a 
password to use this computer." I unchecked the box.  I clicked 
ok.  I switched to my primary account and it worked.  I put my 
computer to sleep.  I opened it up and it asks for a password 
that's never been set.  This time I pressed enter and I was in.  
The thing is jaws is saying I have a password, but I don't.  I 
did the same experiment on the other one and it doesn't ask for a 
password to wake up the computer.  Since I have an unlocked adman 
account, can I reset the other user account?

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