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Sami Osborne ligne14 at verizon.net
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Hi Rex,

Thanks for your help, but that wasn't exactly my question.  I 
have no problems opening the Excel spreadsheet.  The only thing 
I'm asking is how to navigate it and actually view its contents.

Thanks again,


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My first question is how did she send it to you.  Was it in a 
attachment with the email? If it was sent as an attachment.  You 
need to save it to your computer.  Then go into your downloads 
folder and find the file.  Then head your application key it will 
bring up a drop-down box.  Up arrow to the properties tab and hit 
enter on that.  Then tab threw it into you hear something that 
says on block checked any need to on check that.  Then it should 
open up the file to view.  And then once you do that tab over to 
apply hit and then tap to you OK and hit .  Then it should be 
able to open up and you should be able to view it that way.  
That's the way I think could fix it.  I hope this works for you.  
And if you have any questions please feel free to ask for me 
directly in the email thread.  Rex Schuttler
Second vice President of the national Federation of the blind of 
President of the Central chapter of the national Federation of 
the blind of Oklahoma
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 Hi all,

 My English professor sent my class an email with an Excel 
spreadsheet, detailing the times/dates that we all have to meet 
with her for our essays.  I have almost zero  experience with 
Excel, and when I opened the spreadsheet last night, I tried to 
navigate it, but I wasn't able to view the actual contents - the 
only thing I saw were the different columns and rows such as 
"A1," "A2," etc.  How do you actually view the contents of each 
columns and rows? Every command (tab key, arrows, and enter key) 
don't seem to work.  I believe the way my professor has it 
arranged is that the name of each student in the class plus their 
assigned meeting timeslot are in separate columns/rows.

 I hope you guys can help me with this, because it's really 
necessary that I meet with my professor; this meeting is part of 
our grade for the essay.

 Thanks and have a good night,


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