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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed Apr 5 02:28:41 UTC 2017

There are two things I would add to Steve's excellent overview. In 
Excel, if you move to a blank cell and start typing, it will be put 
in that cell, tab to move to next cell.  If you move to a cell that 
has an entry you want to edit or change, hit F2.


At 07:37 AM 4/4/2017, you wrote:
>Generally speaking, you navigate a spreadsheet with the arrow keys.
>However, instead of moving by characters as you do in a word processor, you
>move cell by cell.  Each press of the arrow key should give you the contents
>of the cell and also the coordinates, that is, the column and row.  The
>column is indicated by a letter and a row is indicated by a number.  The top
>left of a spreadsheet is indicated by A1.  It is possible to change this,
>though.  CONTROL HOME goes to the upper left and HOME to the beginning of
>the row.  The END key has another use, though.  The END key is usually the
>first of a two key sequence to move to different parts of the spreadsheet.
>There are other ways to move as well.
>There is some formatting on spreadsheets that can make navigating them less
>predictable.  Someone else can set up their spreadsheet to hide certain
>columns and rows, merge some together, and have a cell in one row "span"
>multiple columns.  You might try creating your own spreadsheet first to get
>the hang of all this.
>If this helps, some of us might be able to suggest documents that can help
>you get started with Excel.  There is even some on the Microsoft
>Accessibility web page that could be useful.  Is it this kind of basic
>information you need?
>Best regards,
>Steve Jacobson
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>Hi Jessica and all,
>For info, I'm using JAWS 17 with Windows 7 64 bits.
>Thanks once again,
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>I have a few questions for you, that may help us answer your
>1.  What screen-reader are you using?
>2.  What operating system are you using?
>3.  Have you tried Google sheets?
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>  Hi Rex,
>  Thanks for your help, but that wasn't exactly my question.  I
>have no problems opening the Excel spreadsheet.  The only thing
>I'm asking is how to navigate it and actually view its contents.
>  Thanks again,
>  Sami
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>  Hello,
>  My first question is how did she send it to you.  Was it in a
>attachment with the email? If it was sent as an attachment.  You
>need to save it to your computer.  Then go into your downloads
>folder and find the file.  Then head your application key it will
>bring up a drop-down box.  Up arrow to the properties tab and hit
>enter on that.  Then tab threw it into you hear something that
>says on block checked any need to on check that.  Then it should
>open up the file to view.  And then once you do that tab over to
>apply hit and then tap to you OK and hit .  Then it should be
>able to open up and you should be able to view it that way.
>That's the way I think could fix it.  I hope this works for you.
>And if you have any questions please feel free to ask for me
>directly in the email thread.  Rex Schuttler
>  Second vice President of the national Federation of the blind of
>  President of the Central chapter of the national Federation of
>the blind of Oklahoma
>  cell phone number
>  918-955-6761
>  On Apr 3, 2017, at 8:36 PM, Sami Osborne via NABS-L
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>  Hi all,
>  My English professor sent my class an email with an Excel
>spreadsheet, detailing the times/dates that we all have to meet
>with her for our essays.  I have almost zero  experience with
>Excel, and when I opened the spreadsheet last night, I tried to
>navigate it, but I wasn't able to view the actual contents - the
>only thing I saw were the different columns and rows such as
>"A1," "A2," etc.  How do you actually view the contents of each
>columns and rows? Every command (tab key, arrows, and enter key)
>don't seem to work.  I believe the way my professor has it
>arranged is that the name of each student in the class plus their
>assigned meeting timeslot are in separate columns/rows.
>  I hope you guys can help me with this, because it's really
>necessary that I meet with my professor; this meeting is part of
>our grade for the essay.
>  Thanks and have a good night,
>  Sami

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