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I'd  say definitely go with a group; otherwise you have to have  some 
sighted help from the store. It will be more fun and interactive doing it 
with students you know.
Do you have any vision? If not you will need the kid to be real verbal. Ask 
him or her what they want to buy first. Then keep in mind what sort of price 
you want to spend. If it were me, I'd find out pricing  or a ballpark price 
number before hand.

If you cannot see the toys, then maybe your kid can describe them and what 
they are. If they cannot do that and some cannot due to their age or limited 
english, then ask a fellow student.
Toys now a days are wrapped up  in boxes and everything feels similar. If 
your kid wants  something like stuffed animals or
balls, then you might have a better opportunity to help them. Its my 
experience you can touch the stuffed animals; not always in boxes and even 
the boxed ones have an opening you can touch them.
The balls  are often out of boxes too.

As far as independence, you can be more independent if you know the layout 
of the store roughly like know where the cash register is. This way once you 
are done shopping you can take the kid right over to buy it and not have to 
wait for a sighted group member to help you.
So, my advice is try to go to the store beforehand to get a feel for the 
layout and what types of merchandise is there.

This visual shopping is why I never did a kid shopping spree although I had 
that opportunity to do that with many nonprofits.
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Dear All,

  I am hoping to go on a Key Club shopping trip with a kid assigned to me. 
We have to keep a close eye on him or her and help him or her pick out 
items. These kids are rather poor, and we are to buy some necessities and 
some toys for them. We are allowed to go with other pairs of students with 
kids. We hope to have a 1 to 1 ratio of students and kids. I could go with a 
group of them, but are there any suggestions on keeping up with my kid and 
helping them pick out items? Should I go with a group or just my kid and I? 
I want to be fairly independent and be helpful. Thank you!


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