[nabs-l] Skype Hints

Louis Maher ljmaher at swbell.net
Mon Mar 20 18:23:45 UTC 2017


I am new to Skype.

With the help of the Microsoft disability help desk (1-800-936-5900), I now
know how to make a group in Skype.  A group will allow you to initiate a
meeting, with one keystroke, for all the people in the group.  I am using
Windows 10 and JAWS 18.

Once you are in Skype, hit alt + c to go to the contacts menu.  (You could
press alt, then right arrow to the contacts menu.).  Arrow down to create a
group, hit enter, and add names to your group.  (Note that control + n will
take you directly to the "create a group" dialog.) By tabbing around, you
can find a field that shows people you have entered.  Once you have added
all the group members, tab to the add button, and hit enter.  

Next, hit alt + o (alt, right arrow twice) to reach the conversations menu.
Arrow down to  
"save the group to contacts", hit enter.  You are now in a field which holds
the group name.  Initially, the group name is the names of the people in the
group. You can change the name if you wish.  Hit OK, and your group is now
in your contacts list.  Note that alt+1 will take you to the contacts list.
The applications menu will let you call the members of the group at one key
stroke.  Also, note that the application menu has an option to remove the

Note that alt + t takes you to the tools menu, arrow down to options, enter,
and you can arrow down to key shortcut key options.  Here are some

"shortcut keys
alt + page down hangup
alt + page up answer voice call
control + alt + pgup answer video call
control + alt + pgdn decline call
alt +1 contact list"

Please let me know if there are easier ways to make a group.  The create
group dialog should have a "save group to contact" option.


Louis Maher
Phone: 713-444-7838
E-mail: ljmaher at swbell.net

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