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Robert Parsons rob.parso3389 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 15:51:50 UTC 2017

Good Morning Everyone


"Oh, the humanity. My nerves cannot bare it." This was my attitude this
morning when I showered and got the email confirming my reservation for the
van rental at Enterprise. Yes, I know that the first question should be "Why
in the world does Robert, the guy with a guide dog, have a car rental
confirmation?" Well,. Saturday is the big day. The Virginia Association of
Blind Students' first "Meet the Blind Month" event will be taking place! As
a division, I am so proud of VABS and its members/board for all the hard
work they put into this event. I encourage all of you, if you are in the
area, to take a chance to relax, take in the cool breeze of the ocean front,
and enjoy throwing large heavy balls with holes in them down a runway. Also,
if you cannot make it, I will not be angry with you, just a little
disappointed. To avoid this disappointment, simply buy a VABS raffle ticket.
We are raffling off a brand-new Amazon Tap speaker. The Tap, unlike the Dot
or Echo, is portable enough that it does not need a plugged-in source of
power. The Tap does all the functions of the Echo and Dot, including Alexa
voice command, WIFI, and Bluetooth capabilities, all while being battery
operated. Thus, this speaker is useful on long car rides, in remote cabin
trips to the mountains, and even to beach parties next summer during
national convention. If you are interested in buying a ticket, please
contact me via email or by phone. You can buy a ticket in person or even,
get this, buy one over the phone. VABS will accept payments through Square
Cash if you would like to purchase a raffle ticket. Tickets are $5 each and
I welcome the support.  Below are the event details.


When: Saturday, October 7, 2017


Where: Pin Boys at the Beach 

1577 Laskin Rd. Ste. 100

Virginia Beach, VA  23451


Time: 1-5pm


For more information about this event or to buy a raffle ticket. Feel free
to call me at 804.801.7674 or send an email to rob.parso3389 at gmail.com
<mailto:rob.parso3389 at gmail.com> . I look forward to hanging out with some
of you at the bowling alley on Saturday.






Robert E. Parsons Jr.

President, Richmond Chapter

President, Virginia Association of Blind Students

National Federation of the Blind of Virginia

Randolph Macon College '18 

Phone: 804 801 7674

"Without struggle, there is no progress." -Frederick Douglass


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