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Robert Parsons rob.parso3389 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 13:57:31 UTC 2017

Good Morning Everyone


So, let's say hypothetically that you can't make the VABS Bowl with the
Blind event in Virginia Beach tomorrow. Let's say your guide dog buried your
train ticket, you forgot to take off work, or I don't know you were abducted
by aliens. Whatever the reason, you are too able to be awesome with the
students at the bowling alley. The next question becomes how can you help
promote the division and the message that we are conveying for the
Federation? Well, there are two simple answers to that question.


1.	Support VABS by buying a raffle ticket for an Amazon Tap. Tickets
are $5. We are selling tickets at the event and we also can accept Square
Cash App payments as well. 
2.	Promote the event and the message on social media. We are in the age
of Facebook and the era of the Tweet. Please take time to use your thumb to
promote the VABS event and share any pictures, posts, or videos you come
across of us at the event tomorrow. This will show the public that not only
are we a movement to be aware of, but also a movement that is fully
supported both at the event and abroad.

If you promote our event on social media, the only thing we ask is to attach
the hashtag #BWTB and #VABS to your posts. Also, if you are trying to track
down any posts you think people may have made so that you can share them,
simply type those hashtags into the search edit box on Facebook and Twitter
and you should have access to all public posts made by our members and
allies. Even this action is support and seeing as this is a first-time event
for us, it would mean a lot to us if support on all fronts was seen, heard,
and felt.


Best Regards


Robert E. Parsons Jr.

President, Richmond Chapter

President, Virginia Association of Blind Students

National Federation of the Blind of Virginia

Randolph Macon College '18 

Phone: 804 801 7674

"Without struggle, there is no progress." -Frederick Douglass


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