[nabs-l] Creating bibliography citations

Sarah Jevnikar sarah.jevnikar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 19:20:28 UTC 2017

Hi there,
I've never found software that does citations well or accessibly, and use
the old-school route of footnotes in Microsoft Word. I found this resource
to be particularly helpful in writing good sources, though you'll need to
use your JAWS/NVDA key+f to get formatting information if titles are
italicized, underlined, etc. You'll also want to be sure you know which
punctuation goes where.
The following keystrokes will be helpful in MS Word:
Control-shift-f: creates a footnote (the cursor will go to that reference
and you can type in your citation information there; f6 or the arrow keys
will take you back to the document
Control-shift-n: creates an endnote (same idea except notes are on their own
page rather than at the bottom of the page they're referring to as footnotes
Control-i: italicizes the selected text
Control-u: underlines the selected text.

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Hello fellow students,
What does everyone use to create a bibliography? Any sites or softwares that
work well with Jaws 17 and are easy to use to input publication info etc and
choose APA style?


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