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Jordan Richardson lilrichie411 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 20:45:58 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I don't know if you all have seen this or not but I think it is very unhelpful to the Blind Freedom Movement. The organisation is called Prevent Blindness and they are beginning a campaign called "Why I Fight." It seems, as I understand, they want people to share what having sight means to them. The organisation is putting emphasis on getting sight back. 

I plan to flood this hashtag with reasons why I fight for blind freedom; why I fight for equality. 

Just wanted to make everyone is aware of this organisation and their Twitter campaign. 

Happy Monday,

Jordan Richardson 
"Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete."
          Rod Serling 
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> Subject: Share Your #WhyEyeFight Story
> Dear friend of Prevent Blindness,
> February is National Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month. Last year, Prevent Blindness and Bausch + Lomb asked you to help spread the word about eye health and AMD. 
> In preparation for AMD Awareness Month, we are asking AMD patients to share their #WhyEyeFight story and a photo and/or video of themselves doing what they love the most by sending an email to whyeyefight at joyofsight.com. Tell us why your eyesight is so important to you and give examples of just that. How do your eyes help you do and see those things that are of utmost importance to you?
> By submitting, you could earn the chance to participate in an exciting video opportunity to share your story with others to help spread awareness about AMD, and show why maintaining eye health is essential for preserving your vision.  
> Thank you so much for being a part of our community and helping to make a difference for others. We look forward to hearing why YOU fight for your sight!  
> Best, 
> Prevent Blindness 
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