[NABS-L] Next steps in getting funding from VR

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Hi Mikayla:

First, congratulations on your upcoming graduation! That's a huge milestone, and I hope you'll take some time to celebrate it.

I know from personal experience that the process of getting funding from VR for training at an NFB center is a long and sometimes frustrating effort. I'm glad to know that you are standing strong, and that you are confident in your decision to go to CCB. To answer your question about timelines, there is no set-in-stone timeline for making decisions about funding training. Depending on the state, the efficiency of the rehab hierarchy, and your prior relationship with the agency, the process of approving a request for funding can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. So, unfortunately, you are in a veritable holding pattern at this stage. The best advice I can give is to stay in close contact with Julie Deden and her staff, as well as the leaders of your NFB affiliate. Both have a great deal of experience working with rehab agencies to get funding approved for NFB center training, and can provide useful guidance to you. If necessary, your affiliate President and/or other leaders in your state can advocate with rehab on your behalf, though self-advocacy is always encouraged. I hope you will make use of these resources as you make sure VR gives you what you need.

Good luck,


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Hi all,

     I am still working on getting funding to attend CCB. Thank you for your help with the Justification Letter. My VR counselor emailed me on May 7th, stating that she submitted all the required paperwork to management and that she would let me know when they made a decision. As of last Tuesday, May 15th, she was sending her supervisors  additional information they requested. I have still not heard anything. I know that in the IEP process, there are timelines for evaluations and processes that must be followed. Does anyone know if VR has similar timelines in which they have to give me a decision? 

     By the way, I had been hoping to have my funding secured by the time I graduate high school, June 11th, so I could go into the summer knowing I would be starting in September. Now, I am just hoping I don’t get denied and have the process prolonged even more. 

Thank you,
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