[NABS-L] asking about LCB's apartments

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Congratulations on deciding to go to LCB for training! When I was there, the
center didn't pay for wifi in the apartments, but those of us who wanted it
were able to get a basic plan through SuddenLink for about $40 per month if
memory serves. If you split the bill up between yourself and your roommate,
you will be able to afford it easily. It also may be worth noting that there
is free wifi in the Activity Center (the building between apartments L and M
in the second driveway, where the laundry is done). When I was there, some
students who didn't have their own wifi took their computers in there to
work. I graduated in May of 2017, so I would imagine that this is still the
way things are set up. However, you might want to check with Pam first
before you sign up for a Suddenlink plan.

Hope this helps,


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Hi All, 

  Sorry to bother you again, but does LCB pay for internet or not? Thanks! 


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