[NABS-L] Math textbooks produced by Pierson Publishing:

Carly Mihalakis carlymih at comcast.net
Thu Feb 7 01:32:39 UTC 2019

Hi, Kendera and all,

In elementary school, I remember many textbooks 
had that publisher written on the inside covers, 
so if that publisher is still kickin',wouldn't 
their materials still be accessable?
CarAt 04:51 PM 2/6/2019, Kendra Schaber via NABS-L wrote:
>Hi all! I have to take a lot of math classess 
>for my climatology studdies. I’m trying to 
>make math content more accessible and more 
>efficient. Part of my explorations are with My 
>Math Lab. Many of the math teachers here at my 
>local community college use textbooks that are 
>produced by Pierson Publishing. Does anyone know 
>if their textbooks are accessible? If they are, 
>what are the best ways to use their textbooks? 
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