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Hey NABSters, 

I hope your evening is going well. Please spare some time and check out this month’s blog post. This month’s topic is on STEM and it is written by Taylor Arndt and she gives some tips and advice as a computer science student. Happy reading! 

From the Editor: 
Taylor Arndt is a freshman at Western Michigan
University studying computer science. She is part of the Michigan Association of Blind Students and the computer science division. She does many other things relating to the NFB, but those are the most important at this point.

Why Did I Want To Get Into Computer Science? 
I wanted to get into computer science because I felt like there is a need to make software accessible while software is still being
developed and tested. Today, software gets released to the public and is inaccessible for users. As a result, lawsuits and other consequences developed because of one simple problem of lack of accessibility training. My experiences, while I am still a freshman, I haven’t had that many computer science classes yet. Because in a computer science degree, math is a
prerequisite which means I have to get my math before I can reallydive in. With that being said, I have resorted to teaching myself and using other resources to get ahead. Some examples of resources I use are the computer science organization on my school's campus, online tutorials, and networking with the NFB computer science division.The advice I have for prospective computer science students who may not have the best math background just do it anyway. Don’t let the math stop your plans for living the life you want.

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