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simon bonenfant sbonenfant2 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 18:22:10 UTC 2019

Hello All. From what I've found Google Docs with Jaws is not that great. It's difficult to even get to the edit field not to mention it's a bit laggy when typing. As far as google drive and docs applications I can't say about them because my school uses the google classroom platform. 
However when I open things from Google Classroom they open in docs so that part I am a little familiar with. I would simly suggest downloading the file as a word document, editing it in word, then emailing it to the teacher. To do this within a google doc press altogether shift   then the letter f. That will take you to the menu bar of docs. Press the down arrow to an option that is labeled as download as. Phess the right arrow to find the list of document formats then press up arrow until you find the microsoft word docx option. 
Once you press enter the file will begin downloading. The thing with google docs is the menu structure with keyboard commands is different. 
This is because google docs has their  own accessibility mode. It needs a lot of work in my opinion but anyway that mode replaces the commands that work in a regular web browser and changes them slightly. 
By the way it has also been suggested to me to use the firefox browser with Jaws. I thought it would work better with Chrome but that is not working that well and my use with firefox seems to work a little better  then Chrome. 
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On Feb 25, 2019 11:43 AM, Chris Nusbaum via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi Fellow NABSTERS: 
> My college is one of the ever-increasing number of schools which has jumped entirely on the Google train and is now using G-Suite apps for virtually everything. I have long thought that the most accessible way to work with Google Docs and Google Drive is to use their apps on iOS with VoiceOver and (if one is available) a Braille display. However, it seems that recent updates to both the Docs app and iOS have made editing Google docs with a Braille display a bit tricky. So I'm wondering if a PC would be better. 
> I have noticed that a friend of mine is using the Google Drive program on Windows very successfully. From what I have observed, she is able to at least save Word files to and open them from Google Drive with an interface similar to Dropbox's. However, I don't know how nicely Google Docs files play with JAWS at this point. So, is there a good accessible way to read, write and edit Google docs on a PC with JAWS? If so, what should I use? 
> Thanks, 
> Chris Nusbaum 
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