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Thu Jul 4 04:47:49 UTC 2019

It's one of the busiest times of the year for us at A T Guys, it's 
Convention Time! Read on to learn about our special convention events 
and how to preorder your latest gadgets. If you're not joining us, we 
still have a lot of new product news and info to share, so read on.

Everything below is available from our booth (a-27 and A-28) and on our 
website at www.atguys.com

NFB 2019 in Las Vegas Preorders
The NFB convention in Las Vegas promises to be one of the biggest ever, 
and we're excited to be a part of it. Save time in the exhibit hall by 
placing a preorder now and picking up your item at the booth. Use coupon 
code nfb19 at checkout. pick up your item at booths A27 and A28 during 
exhibit hall hours. We'll make sure we have your order available for 
pickup, so you do not have to pay for shipping! Preorders are available 
for most items we carry. Read on for a complete list at the end of this 
newsletter. Send us a message with any questions you may have.

Introducing a Bluetooth Speaker with Pizzazz
We've been looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker that is both 
affordable and has big sound, and now we've found it. The Tribit Maxboom 
features 360--degree sound, is waterproof, and works with both Bluetooth 
and wired connections. If you have our SoundPods speaker, this one is at 
least twice as loud but still quite portable. Plus, you can pair two 
speakers together to hear your music or audio everywhere.
purchase the MaxBoom 360 speaker for $69.99

A Quality Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
People have been asking us for years for a keyboard that is portable but 
still with full-size keys. We've now found your solution, the Plugable 
Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard has a stainless steel finish and a 
tri-fold design, with near full-size keys when unfolded and compact 
storage. The key layout includes both a number row and function keys, 
with the keys you use in their familiar places. It automatically turns 
on when unfolded, and turns off again when stored. It also works as a 
USB keyboard.
order the Plugable Bluetooth Keyboard for $54.95

Introducing the Braille Me Low-Cost Braille Display
A. T. Guys is now an official distributor for the Braille Me, the 
low-cost braille display for under 500 bucks. We've been following this 
product since its initial launch and think it's come a long way. It 
features 20 refreshable braille cells with cursor routing, a built-in 
text editor with braille translation, and Bluetooth and USB support. It 
can connect to your iOS or Android device as well as the NVDA screen 
reader. Stop by the booth to try it out for yourself, or learn more on 
our site.
order the Braille Me for $499

Get a Free WayTag, plus Convention discounts on WayAround
If you haven't heard, WayAround is a new system that you can use to tag 
the important items in your life. Mark your clothes using buttons, your 
food using magnets or stickers, or your office using magnets or clips. 
Using the free WayAround app for your iPhone or Android, simply touch 
your phone to the tag and easily record or hear information you have saved.
We want everyone to be able to try out WayAround, so we're offering a 
free Waytag sticker for a limited time, plus 10 percent off all 
WayAround products through July 15 and at convention.

New Lower Prices on Aftershokz Headsets
We've lowered the prices on our most popular models of Aftershokz 
headsets. If you haven't tried out the bone conduction technology of 
Aftershokz in awhile, things have changed a lot over the past few years.
Trekz Air is now available for $119.95, with Trekz Titanium and Titanium 
Mini available for $79.95.

New: Sleep in Peace and Comfort with SleepPhones.
SleepPhones are the comfortable way to wear headphones while you are 
fast asleep. The soft fabric is comfortable to wear while in your bed, 
and the fabric can optionally cover your eyes for a peaceful sleep. 
Connect wirelessly to your phone to hear only your music, white noise, 
or other audio.
Purchase the SleepPhones Wireless Headset for $99.95

Other Items Available for Preorder
Here's a list of other items we'll have available this year.
• Energrid Portable 15,000 mAh Power Bank Battery Pack - Sale! $69
Keep your devices charged with this portable charger which vibrates or 
beeps to let you know how much charge is left in your battery. Charge 
your iPhone up to 5 times on a single charge of the battery.
• iOttie iON QI Wireless 10W Fast Charging Stand - $44.95
If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, or a modern Android device, you can 
now charge it without plugging it into a cable. Keep one by your bed or 
on your desk for a simple charging solution.
• Micro-Speak 8gb Digital Recorder - $59.95
A simple-to-use voice recorder with loud sound and voice prompts. Stores 
up to 96 hours of audio.
• SoundTrax Bluetooth Headset - $59.95
 From the same company which produced the popular SoundPods speaker 
comes a Bluetooth stereo headset with the same great features. 
Wirelessly connect to your phone or play music using the built-in Micro 
SD card slot or a headset adapter. These comfortable on-ear headphones 
featured padded cups and deep bass. Works for up to 30 hours on a single 
• Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac - $10
A simple way to add an additional audio device to your computer. 
Separate your screen reader from your music so it doesn't go out over 
your speakers.
• SoundPods Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker - Sale! $39.95
This little speaker puts out big sound! The SoundPod by Blue Tiger is a 
wireless or wired heavy duty speaker with exceptional sound quality that 
fits in the palm of your hand. With long battery life, the SoundPOD will 
be putting out your tunes all day long. Also features a Micro SD card 
slot to play music directly from the speaker.
• Matias Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard - Sale! $95
The Matias Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard feels just like an Apple keyboard 
and also includes a dedicated numeric pad and arrow keys in the familiar 
layout. Plus, connect the Matias to up to 4 devices at once and switch 
between them with the press of a key. Also, charging your keyboard all 
the time is a thing of the past, as the Matias features up to 1 year of 
battery life on a single charge.
• RII 66-key Mini Bluetooth Keyboard - Sale! $39
While supplies last. This is our last batch of this popular palm-sized 
Bluetooth keyboard.
• Tactile Screen Protectors - Starting at $9
Tempered glass protectors will be available and on sale for $25. 
Featuring the full line of SpeedDots tactile screen overlays for iPhone, 
iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch, including the iPhone XR and XS. Choose 
tempered glass for additional protection. Type with confidence.

We will do our best to get items not on the above list. If we are not 
able to bring an item to convention, we will let you know and ship it to 
you for free.

have questions? Comments? As always, we'd love to hear from you.

Phone (call/text): (269) 216-4798 (please be sure to leave a message)
Skype: atguys
E-mail: support at atguys.com

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