[NABS-L] You Can Check Out The Convention Stream Options, But you can Join Our Virtual Convention Delegation Too!

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 02:14:36 UTC 2019

Hi All!
As you know, 195 The Globe is providing access via your smart speakers
to the convention general sessions in Vegas, and we appreciate all the
positive feedback you've given us, too, but that's not all!
can't be there in person? Want to interact with those like you who
can't be there either? No worries, join our virtual delegation!
The globe is using the zoom technology to allow those who want to feel
like they are at convention to join others who can't make the
sessions, too.
This way, you can all listen together to the convention sessions,
since they are streamed into zoom as well as the mobile app and such,
and people can feel like they are apart of the fun!
To join us on zoom, during the time of the sessions, you can either
1. Visit
to learn how to get zoom on your computer, mac, as well as how to join.
2. Already familiar with zoom? Use this link to be part of the fun:
3. Grab the mobile app for zoom for your phone, install it, run it, go
to settings and make sure connect to internet audio is on
automatically, then join us with the ID

4. Lastly, give us a call. The phone number is
We start 30 minutes before the morning general session, play music in
the globe cafe on zoom and the station only during the lunch break,
then we air the last session!
So Thursday, tomorrow, we'll start at 11:30 AM eastern (10:30 central,
9:30 mountain, 8:30 pacific.)
Same with Friday. And as a bonus for Friday, we want to throw a hell
of a virtual banquet party, too, so give zoom a try and let's have
some fun together! Maybe we can't be there, but we virtually can
represent our states proudly, and have our own place in Cyberspace to
enjoy nfb19!
Our streams all work now, but if you want the extra level of
interactivity, consider joining our virtual convention delegation!
All the best,
David Dunphy

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