[NABS-L] Questions REgarding taking an Italian course in University

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Hi everyone. How are you all? This is Helga. I have some questions. Well, I’m a senior now  in my university and only have 10 credits left  in order  to graduate. So My academic advisor told me that if I take a language class as one of electives, it will cover two courses in one since it has four credits.  I was planning in taking beginning german class, but the class is not offer in summer time, but I find this Italian beginning course. Does anyone here took a italian beginning course, or know the language itself? I’m just wondering since I would like to learn some Italian  basic braille writing and reading to make better learning of the language. I do speak spanish as my first language since it is my main  language, but not so sure how Italian braille works. And one  last question, how does Italian language reading works with Voiceover and JAWS with windows computer, Mac and even IOS?  I will really appreciate any suggestion you can give me regarding this matter. One thing to add, I do have a braillenote apex, so I think I can write in there in many types of languages. Look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks so much! 

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