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Aloha Miranda,

I no longer live in North Carolina, but I have lived in the piedmont area and the eastern coastal plains. I believe there are still a lot of employment opportunities there, and I have no reason to believe that the suburban and urban areas are unfriendly to pedestrians. I think you can choose your city based on how walkable it is. The Raleigh area seems quite comfortable in my opinion. 

Before I consider moving to any state, I always use my Federation connections to research the area, including the state president. I encourage you to do that. Some people might be uncomfortable with the blindness part of the question, but a lot of the concepts are, I think, more generic. How friendly the job market is has little variation in how it is influenced by disability, at least on the US mainland. North Carolina is culturally quite similar to Virginia. 

If you want to be there, don't let disability be a reason to stay.

Good luck,


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Hi Everyone,
My husband and I are talking, and we are considering the possibility of moving from Virginia to North Carolina within the next year or so. I will graduate with my bachelors of science in social work this May, and he has his bachelors in business management information systems and application development (software and website development). For any of you that live in North Carolina, what area do you live in? Is it friendly for blind pedestrians? We are both dog handlers. What is the economy like? What is the job market like for those of us who are blind, considering our fields of study mentioned above? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input!

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