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Hi Miranda, I live in Carrboro.  It's very friendly for 
pedestrians, and Carrboro and Chapel Hill have free, and pretty 
good, bus service during the week (unfortunately no buses Sundays 
and only very few Saturdays).  It's also possible to get fairly 
decent bus service from here to the rest of the triangle, though 
that's getting into longer commutes and isn't free anymore.  The 
cost of living is decent.  I unfortunately don't know anything 
about either of your fields, so I can't really help you there, 
but I imagine you could do some research online and see how many 
job openings there are and so on.


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Hi Everyone,
My husband and I are talking, and we are considering the 
possibility of moving from Virginia to North Carolina within the 
next year or so. I will graduate with my bachelors of science in 
social work this May, and he has his bachelors in business 
management information systems and application development 
(software and website development). For any of you that live in 
North Carolina, what area do you live in? Is it friendly for 
blind pedestrians? We are both dog handlers. What is the economy 
like? What is the job market like for those of us who are blind, 
considering our fields of study mentioned above? Any thoughts 
would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input!

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