[NABS-L] vollunteering and small towns verses big towns or cities

andrew edgcumbe rollercoasterman86 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 14:50:52 UTC 2019

Hi thanks  what i have been doing is that I  first am not really the
most experienced blind person when it comes to saying the right things
to get in somewhere or advocating that is my problem. I  have tried
for example to go in some places to do friendly visiting but
sometimes i am either told i need somebody with me which is hard to
find or  they fail to communicate with me commun have those type of
communications one time with a place i too mom went with me and they
would say something then this is over at a next town over from me but
other wise there was no communication with me. about anything.  and
when i asked for clarification paperwork there was no responce in a
sence.  it is a small town where I am andi have not had much luck with
getting into places.

On 10/28/19, Nina Marranca via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Good morning Andrew!
> I have done a variety of volunteer tasks, from working spaghetti dinners, to
> sorting donated clothes, to helping with church functions, to pushing into
> educational settings to speak about blindness and service dogs. I've also
> worked with the elderly; often, reading or talking to elderly patients does
> a lot to boost their mood and quality of care.
> 	I think it just comes down to being flexible. Much like finding a job,
> don't under estimate the connections those around you may offer. Communicate
> that you are looking for volunteer opportunities to everyone you know.
> Search online also, and once you have found one, do not be afraid to
> advocate for yourself and everything that you can do.
> 	You may also want to consider creating your own community service project,
> such as recruiting local businesses and hosting a hat, glove, and coat drive
> before Winter gets under way.
> 	I hope this helps!
> Best,
> nina
> Nina Marranca
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> On 10/27/19, 23:25, "NABS-L on behalf of andrew edgcumbe via NABS-L"
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>     Hi My name is Andrew from Ontario Canada. I  just wanted to ask few
>     things. I live in a small town and  that is a real struggle mostly
>     because I am having a hard time finding vollunteer type  stuff. I been
>     having trouble finding vollunteer work and stuff like that ways to
>     vollunteer that is. I  have either been told i need somebody with me
>     or they just plane don't communicate with me about things fully.
>     Anyway  that has been a real struggle for me I will say I am not the
>     most skilled or experienced blind person.  I am not sure how you all
>     have gone about doing vollunteer type stuff but what troubles have you
>     run into if any like what were you able to do if you have vollunteered
>     or are vollunteering what are you doing or have you done?  I have been
>     having trouble finding the help I need again i live in a small town.
>     I did go to a employmentsupport agency and they basically said they
>     don't have resources to help me.  she says i need computer and iphone
>     training I do realize allot of things or jobs or whatever needs the
>     technology but as far as vollunteering goes i feel there is still ways
>     to vollunteer without having to be an exburt on technology or to good
>     at it far as vollunteering goes.  I don't know if any of you would
>     have pointers or not when it comes to finding ways to vollunteering or
>     not.  The other thing is this in your experiences are bigger cities
>     better for blind people or does it really make any differences big or
>     small when it comes to vollunter opportunities or just opportunities
>     for things over all.  transportation wise it isn't to bad as there is
>     a van that does come to my door  but i am looking for some pointers if
>     there is any on vollunteering mostly. like as far as big or small
>     towns or cities do you feel there is more opportunity in bigger center
>     for things like vollunteering or whatever?
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