[NABS-L] vollunteering and small towns verses big towns or cities

Carly Mihalakis carlymih at comcast.net
Mon Oct 28 12:40:14 UTC 2019

Good morning, Andrew,

Good morning, Andrew,
Unfortunately for us, every thing's turning out to be tech/ffine 
motor-oriented, posing still an additional barrier to access. I do 
use a SmartPhone but fortunately, it has a capability of its 
functionality being triggered with voice. since my own facility with 
fine motor is ineffectual at best, I am a little reliant on my 
roommate's whom is also total but possesses facility with a fine 
motor demension  of occupational work.08:24 PM 10/27/2019, andrew 
edgcumbe via NABS-L wrote:
>Hi My name is Andrew from Ontario Canada. I  just wanted to ask few
>things. I live in a small town and  that is a real struggle mostly
>because I am having a hard time finding vollunteer type  stuff. I been
>having trouble finding vollunteer work and stuff like that ways to
>vollunteer that is. I  have either been told i need somebody with me
>or they just plane don't communicate with me about things fully.
>Anyway  that has been a real struggle for me I will say I am not the
>most skilled or experienced blind person.  I am not sure how you all
>have gone about doing vollunteer type stuff but what troubles have you
>run into if any like what were you able to do if you have vollunteered
>or are vollunteering what are you doing or have you done?  I have been
>having trouble finding the help I need again i live in a small town.
>I did go to a employmentsupport agency and they basically said they
>don't have resources to help me.  she says i need computer and iphone
>training I do realize allot of things or jobs or whatever needs the
>technology but as far as vollunteering goes i feel there is still ways
>to vollunteer without having to be an exburt on technology or to good
>at it far as vollunteering goes.  I don't know if any of you would
>have pointers or not when it comes to finding ways to vollunteering or
>not.  The other thing is this in your experiences are bigger cities
>better for blind people or does it really make any differences big or
>small when it comes to vollunter opportunities or just opportunities
>for things over all.  transportation wise it isn't to bad as there is
>a van that does come to my door  but i am looking for some pointers if
>there is any on vollunteering mostly. like as far as big or small
>towns or cities do you feel there is more opportunity in bigger center
>for things like vollunteering or whatever?
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