[NABS-L] Employment Accessibility Obstacle

Carly Mihalakis carlymih at comcast.net
Mon Oct 28 16:48:48 UTC 2019

Good morning, Kiana,

One other thing you might try is to address 
potential liabilities during garbage time, that 
is, before anybody's keeping track, While it's 
still safely off the record, before they're 
watching how it is you go about doing your job.
Don't worry so much about using their record 
system . That'll take care of itself, 
particularly if the software was designed in 
house. Who knows, having a sighted reader enter 
record information into their special platform 
could in fact, deepen an understanding of the 
material, not to mention spark discussions with 
your social work colleagues on how best to work the case.
>situation. I’ve been looking for a job for the 
>past 4 months, and I may finally be at a point 
>where I’m going to get an offer. It’s an 
>incredible position in a city I’m in love 
>with. I went in for the interview last 
>Wednesday, and the supervisor contacted me on 
>Friday to ask some follow-up questions. They 
>mainly consisted of whether I felt safe with the 
>clients. I told her I did. She’s also 
>concerned about accessibility when it comes to 
>me using their electronic health record to input 
>client information. I’ll be a clinical social 
>worker, and this is a therapist position, so 
>using the EHR is going to be a big part of it. 
>Their record isn’t mainstream. They developed 
>it within the agency, so the supervisor has been 
>trying to contact their IT people to see if they 
>know anything about the usability with screen 
>reading software. She called me again today and 
>told me that she’s still trying to find 
>answers, and she doesn’t want to extend an 
>official offer until she knows something. I 
>absolutely do not want this to fall through due 
>to that unknown factor. I’ve tried contacting 
>my counselor at Division of Services for the 
>Blind. I feel like I’m on shaky ground and 
>would rather have guidance and someone in my 
>corner before proceeding. Unfortunately, my 
>counselor has been on leave since the end of 
>May, and the person who is covering my case has 
>not answered my calls or returned voicemails. 
>This is a very time sensitive situation, and 
>it’s something I want to be on top of. The 
>accessibility may be an obstacle, but I’ve 
>been able to problem-solve in the past to get 
>around it. Has anyone else been in this 
>situation? Any suggestions, advice, or guidance 
>would be greatly appreciated, especially from 
>people who may be in a health-related field and 
>have encountered electronic records. The one at 
>my graduate internship was inaccessible, but I 
>was able to do assessments and notes via word 
>document. The secretary would upload the 
>documents. I could present this, but that would 
>be putting additional work on another employee 
>and it’s not ideal, especially since this is 
>an actual employment position. I’m determined 
>to make it this last step and land this job! 
>Warm regards, Kiana Harlan 
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