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One of the other things I am gonna say about this, is it’s also important
to think about what platform you are using with these things. For example,
I found that a lot of my school apps are more accessible with Android then
they are with iOS. I also found out that a lot of things are more
accessible when using platforms like the iPhone and iPad then they are on
using the computer. And I guess when I say it more accessible, I just mean
that things are easier to navigate.

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> Hi!
> I had to go online this spring as well. I personally think Blackboard is
> pretty accessible overall. There are some features I don’t like. I find
> that embedded links and other visual information that gets linked to some
> of the courses to be totally inaccessible. The discussion board that’s on
> there is accessible to screen readers via being able to read the screen
> itself. On the other hand, it’s not fully accessible when you include user
> friendlyness, and work flow equality because it’s very clunky and doesn’t
> allow blind people to work it in an equivelant work flow when compared to
> sighted students who also use it too. There might be some technical tricks
> that are on there that I don’t know about, conciddering I’m middle of the
> road with my tech skills. But I think it takes longer for blind students
> than sighted students to work the discussion board, even when blindness
> related technique is taken into account. There are also websites, videos,
> documents and the like that are posted that are not accessible. Also, keep
> in mind that websites such as the one to your school’s library might have
> issues with accessibility or that post inaccessible content. Usually, I
> have run into both problems with my school’s library website. So, be sure
> to explore your whole school’s website and look out for all accessibility
> barriers including work flow issues that are caused by accessibility issues
> such as inaccessible buttons that allow for you to make the website
> function with your screen reader along with the ability to read posted
> materials and/or being able to perform all tasks in an equivelant manor to
> your fellow sighted class mates.
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> Hello everyone.
> My name is Jorge ALejandro Paez, from South Florida, and I”m currently
> finishing my Associate of Arts degree.
> Because of the virus, my college has switched the on campus classes to
> online, however we now have 2 online campuses.
> One is the traditional online campus with discussion questions, quizs etc.
> and the other one is the online version of the on-campus experience, using
> BlackBoard Collaborate for everything.
> I know there have been issues with their accessibility before, I was in
> Dallas during the 2010 convention for all that, however I was in highschool
> at the time and the college I’m in now never used Collaborate before this
> point.
> Can anyone fill me in on the accessibility of the platform with VoiceOver?
> Thanks,
> Jorge
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